Memorial Charms

The majority of people who visit this page have lost someone dear to them, and if you are one of these individuals, we would like to offer our sincerest condolences at this time. There may be a lot for you to think about and do over the coming weeks, and if you have visited us here, you are no doubt considering some form of memorial jewellery for either yourself or someone else to keep.

Our beautiful keepsake jewellery isn’t just reserved for parents of growing babies and toddlers, or for weddings. For some people, having a beautiful keepsake in memory of a lost loved one can be of comfort, knowing that you have something to keep forever. We can offer a sensitive, caring and considerate service to enable you to capture your keepsake – we can take a fingerprint, handprint, signature or sign-off, or artwork belonging your loved one, and turn it into something special for you to keep forever. We are able to work with your funeral director with your permission. If you have lost someone recently, we will have to work quickly to acquire fingerprints, but if their passing was some time ago we can work with previously obtained prints or you may choose to use their handwriting or art to create something memorable.

It may be that at this time you would like to collect prints, but don’t feel ready or sure quite what you want to do with them. We are more than happy to help with this, as having the prints will enable you to make a considered choice at a later date – the prints themselves are important and something memorable to keep.

Please contact us directly for more information on how we can be of assistance.

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Showing all 2 results