How they’re made

Keepsake Jewellery

All our keepsake jewellery (and some of the handmade jewellery) is made from silver clay.  This is a clay like substance made up of silver mixed with a binder.  It can be cut into any shape and the fingerprint cast or image is pressed into it to make the impression.  We then dry, finish, fire and polish the clay  to create a completely handmade fine silver charm.

The firing process burns away the binder that makes the silver behave like clay, and leaves behind a solid piece of 99.9% fine silver.

Fingerprint Jewellery

People often ask me how our fingerprint jewellery is made. The actual work is relatively simple, but it takes a lot of time and practice, and some professional training.  Top quality jewellery making tools are also important to make sure that your precious fingerprint jewellery is the best quality it can be.

To make your fingerprint jewellery I need a mould of your loved one’s fingertip.  This is created using special moulding compound that captures the all tiny details on the fingerprint. This mould is then used to create an exact replica of the fingerprint which is then used to imprint into the silver clay.

You may see other companies using a method whereby they press the finger directly into the clay.  This produces a good impression, but the downside is that if anything goes wrong afterwards.  If the charm breaks during production or is lost or stolen, it is far more involved to create another one similar.  Equally, children grow!  By taking a mould, if anything were to happen to your charm you could have another one made from the same fingerprint.  You could even have multiple items made from the same print.

If capturing an exact moment in time is important to you, we recommend the mould method.  Imagine if you had a baby’s fingerprint charm made, and then a couple of years later you lost it.  You could never get that print back if it had not been preserved in a mould.   We will return your mould to you along with your jewellery.   Some companies like to file them away so that you are forced to go back to them if ever you want to re-use that print.  We hope that our customer service will bring you back of your own accord!

Hand/foot/paw print jewellery

Handprint, footprint and pawprint jewellery is made in a similar way to the fingerprint jewellery, but is a slightly more complicated process.   The same silver clay is used to create the jewellery, but the print is taken using an inkless wipe system.

The wipe enables you to capture a clear print of the hand, foot or paw.  As it is an invisible ink and not like thick paint, it captures a clear print including all of the fine details which sometimes get lost in paint prints.  It’s also a lot less messy than paint or regular ink pads!

If you require them to be returned, we can send back your prints along with your jewellery. Otherwise they will be disposed of as we will have digital copies on file.

You may already have a hand or footprint that you wish to create a special piece of jewellery from. This can also be done, even paint prints can be used although the amount of detail won’t be as great.  I can accept images via email if you have a scanner, or a black and white photocopy will work just as well. I will never ask you to send me your precious originals.

Artwork Jewellery

As with the hand/foot/paw print jewellery,we use a miniature stamp of the original drawing to create artwork jewellery.  Because of the size, detailed drawings do not work well for this type of piece.  It is best to choose a picture with strong lines.  Children’s ‘stick’ people drawings generally work quite well!  I can accept images via email if you have a scanner, or a black and white photocopy will work just as well.  I will never ask you to send the originals in the post.