How much is postage and packaging?

If you are in the UK, at present all P&P for keepsake jewellery is free. This includes the cost of posting your print kit to you, a stamped addressed envelope to return the prints in and the cost of posting out the finished keepsake jewellery to you. If you are outside of the UK, a charge is made to cover these costs.  We do not ship internationally.

What is the keepsake jewellery made from?

All our handmade keepsake charms and pendants are made from 99.9% fine silver. This is the purest silver available and preserves the most amount of detail in the prints.

I have seen other keepsake companies offering keyrings made from fine silver, but you don’t – why?

I believe in offering my customers a good quality product that is going to last them a long time.  The quality of the keyrings being offered by other keepsake artists is high but the very nature of the fine silver means that it scratches and marks easily. Imagine the damage caused by a keyring attached to a bunch of keys.   For this reason, I don’t offer the fine silver keyrings.  I do, however, offer hand stamped keyrings in aluminium.

Can I have my keepsake jewellery made from sterling silver?

At present I do not make keepsake items in sterling silver, although all my findings and chains are sterling silver, as are some of the stamped items, and handmade items.  We hope to offer sterling silver keepsakes soon.

Do you hallmark your jewellery?

The only way to get silver jewellery officially hallmarked is to send it away to the assay office.  This is a costly and lengthy process involving the generation of an individual hallmark for this company.  At present I do not hallmark the jewellery, and hallmarking is not a requirement on items under 7.78g in weight.

I don’t live locally – can you still make jewellery for me?

Absolutely. The fingerprint and inkless wipe print kits can be posted back and forth, and allow you to take the prints in your own home. However, if you prefer an in-person service and you are a considerable distance away, I may be able to put you in contact with another Keepsake artist.

When will my print kit be posted?

Print kits are usually posted either the same or next working day after I receive your order.

Do you have any advice on how to get a good print from my child?

Yes! Don’t even attempt to take prints if they are agitated, upset or angry, or in a fidgety mood. Try to ensure that they are as calm and relaxed as possible.  In the case of small babies this may be when they are asleep or feeding. If you wait until a calm moment, you stand a much better chance of success.

Are smudged prints ok?

As long as the prints aren’t completely illegible, they will be fine. Extra toes and fingers caused by hands or feet moving mid-print can be edited out. Likewise, if you get any of your own prints on the paper, we can ignore those.  If you think we may get confused, put a cross through any prints that you don’t want us to use.

The prints haven’t come out well, and I’m not happy with them – can I order another kit?

Send us the prints anyway – you might think they are smudged terribly but we might be able to work with them.  Software these days can do wondrous things! If upon receipt we feel that they aren’t any good, we can send you another kit at a discounted price.  Contact us if there are any issues.

My child is very young and their prints aren’t clear.   Can you enhance or improve them?

Children under a year old often do not have very defined fingerprints, and unfortunately if the fingerprints are not very strong I cannot enhance them.  You will get a dimple in your charm that is an exact replica of your child’s fingertip, whether you can see the whorls and loops or not. I recommend that if your baby is under 1 month old, a full hand or footprint would be much better.  In the case of newborns, a footprint is usually the easiest to get!

Will I see the detail in a hand or footprint?

Due to the nature of my work, some detail will invariably be lost when miniaturisation occurs. I do my very best to ensure that the details are preserved as much as possible with any clear markings visible (such as life or heart lines and scars) showing up on the charm.  However, the results largely depend on the clarity of the print or image sent as I cannot add in detail that is not on the original.  I can however enhance the print to a certain degree so if there’s anything you particularly wish enhanced, please let me know at the time of order.

How will my jewellery be packaged?

All keepsake jewellery comes in a presentation box tied with an organza ribbon.

What is the turnaround time?

Standard free shipping is within 14 days of receiving your prints.   I am happy to do expedited delivery (within 4 days of receiving prints) but an additional cost is incurred which you can select and pay for at checkout.

I’m after something a little different to what’s on the website.  Can you change something or make a new design?

Of course!  The fact that everything is handmade means that you can have something bespoke.  Please get in contact and we can discuss your requirements.

Can I have a double sided charm?

At present we don’t offer these but hope to in the near future – keep checking back!  In the meantime, I can put you in contact with a colleague of mine who will be able to help out.

Is it possible to add a name or a date on the back of the charm?

Yes, of course. However, these charms need to be thicker to ensure that the front isn’t distorted and as result an additional charge of £10 will be incurred.

What happens to my prints or images after you’re done with them?

The original fingerprint moulds will be returned to you with your charm.  A digital copy of the hand or footprint will be kept on file in case you wish to have more jewellery made, but the original print will be destroyed unless you have specifically requested it be returned to you.  However, if you would rather we did not hold any digital files, please let us know and they will be deleted.

If I lose my charm, will you be able to make a replacement that is identical?

I can make replacements, but the handmade nature of the item and the uniqueness of the print mean that an identical replacement isn’t possible. However, I can make the item as close to the original as is humanly possible!

If my family grows, can you produce more charms for me?

Of course. Some items may change if our suppliers change their stock, but if you want your new charms to match existing ones, please send a picture and I will do my best to make the new ones match if that is what you wish.

Do you price match?

Not as a general rule. There will always be another supplier who will offer the product for less money, and someone somewhere also will be constantly holding special offers. There is also good reason to assume that they will not be putting as much time and effort into getting a good finish on the product. They also may be using sub-standard, silver plated findings which will wear and tarnish irreparably. Here at Hare Moon we only ever use Sterling Silver findings and chains.

It’s nearly Christmas/Mother’s Day/Father’s Day.  Will my order arrive in time?

Standard Delivery is normally 14 days – however, we do offer an expedited service for a small fee. If you have a “rush job” please check the box at checkout, and your charms will be delivered within 4 days of receipt of the prints/images.