About Hare Moon Crafts

Who are we?

A little about us. My name is Diane, and I own and run Hare Moon Crafts with my husband David.  We pride ourselves on creating one of a kind keepsakes, from cards to fine silver jewellery.  Therefore, these are all unique to the person receiving the gift (or those treating themselves to something special)!  We set the company up some months after the death of one of our most beloved pets.  At the time we had never heard of pawprint charms.  It still saddens us that we don’t have a permanent keepsake of our family friend.  Since then we have ensured that we have our pets’ pawprints, and nose casts, to create keepsakes to remember them by.


Why Hare Moon?

The Hare Moon is the fifth full moon in a calendar year, usually in May.  It’s the full moon you most usually see the moon-gazing hares staring at.  Thus, if you see a moon-gazing hare it is said to be auspicious, and brings growth, rebirth, abundance, new beginnings and good fortune.  Call us superstitious, but the number 5 and the month of May have significance for us.  Equally, who doesn’t need a little bit of luck and good fortune for a new beginning, especially in business?  Perhaps the name just chose us… We do love a moon-gazing hare or two in this house.